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Brand Resource

How to spell HomieSapien

HomieSapien should be written as one string of letters. The “H” and the “S” are capitalized.




HS, Hs, hs, Homie Sapien, HOMIESAPIEN, HomieSapiens, Homiesapiens, homie sapiens, homiesapiens


Logo Usage

A collection of assets for media usage. You can find the official, up-to-date HomieSapien logos below. All logo usage must be in accordance with the HomieSapien trademark guidelines, here.  The black HomieSapien logo is the default option.

HomieSapien Logo
HomieSapien Logo White
HomieSapien Favicon

News & Media Coverage

If you write for a popular blog, publication, or news website, please give us a heads-up before posting anything (info [at] We are happy to participate in interviews and/or provide original materials.

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