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Have you read all the blog posts, tried all the apps, completed all the courses, and bought all the gimmicks, but still find yourself procrastinating and dragging your feet on your most important goals? Even though we have information at our disposal 24/7, sometimes we still have trouble making the changes needed to actually be better. Are you ready to try something new?  Have you considered getting expert assistance from an online trainer? We rely on the internet and internet services for most of our daily needs. We pay our bills, shop, read, do research, blog, and job hunt. We do some of our most important daily chores on the internet. Why not find the perfect online O.G.

Online coaching is exactly what it sounds like: coaching translated to an online, digital, or virtual platform. Coaching conversations move online, classroom coaching shifts to video, and professional sharing happens digitally instead of in the hallways. Online coaching breaks down the walls of our classrooms and connects those seeking help with experts together in personalized ways unique to each partnership.

How It Works

1. Search

Search for an O.G.

2. Consult

Contact an O.G. via message to arrange an initial consultation. Together, both individuals will plan a suitable time to 'meet' and discuss your needs and goals.

3. Learn

Get live 1-on-1 help in our advanced lesson space. Use a virtual whiteboard, audio/video chat, screen sharing, text editor and much more.

4. Review

After the lesson is completed, both the O.G. and the homie have the opportunity to rate each other, maintaining the quality of our community.

New to Online Coaching?

It Makes Learning Easier

See your tutor with video

Speak to each other with high quality audio

Write, type, and draw on the digital whiteboard

Chat via instant messaging

Share files like essay, diagrams, tests

Replay tutoring sessions.

Benefits of Online Coaching

Why go virtual, you ask? Virtual coaching offers unique opportunities for coaches and teachers to partner around teaching and learning in the comfort of their own classrooms and homes, still based on their individual goals as educators. There are numerous benefits to virtual coaching!

1) Broadened access to coaching

The most obvious benefit is access: access to instructional coaches that might not be physically present on school grounds and access to coaches with specific expertise that match teachers’ professional goals. Schools can choose to contract with virtual coaching services and platforms to create coherent systems of support for teachers. Or, teachers might choose to work with a virtual coach on their own as part of their individual professional learning plans.

2) Teachers get ownership

Virtual coaching puts teachers in control of their own learning. While in-person coaching might be based on common school goals or initiatives, virtual coaching is based purely on teachers’ own wishes for their teaching. They choose personalized goals for the coaching cycle, decide how and when to meet with their virtual coach, control what aspects of their teaching they share with their coach and determine their next steps.

For some teachers, inviting a coach into their classroom can feel unsettling, but in virtual coaching, teachers control the instruction they share with their coach, putting them more in control of the coaching process.

3) Removes distractions

School-based instructional coaches are sometimes forced to juggle multiple roles and responsibilities, and this can at times chip away at their bandwidth for getting into the classroom. Fortunately, virtual coaching can remove those obstacles and provides a laser-like focus on teaching and learning in the classroom. A virtual coach is specifically engaged to provide feedback on observed lessons and design personalized learning experiences for the teachers they work with and can be a great supplement to on-the-ground work for this reason.

4) Added personalization

Virtual coaching provides teachers with specific and concrete support inextricably connected to their classrooms. Coaches work one-to-one with teachers, ensuring coaching is highly responsive to teachers’ individual needs and classrooms. Coaching partnerships might focus broadly on student engagement or might be very specific and explore small group teaching strategies. Regardless of the goal, teachers collaborate with a coach in tailored ways that instantly benefit their classroom teaching.

5) Neutral and confidential

While all coaching relationships are meant to be collegial and non-evaluative, in-person coaching relationships are just that—in-person—and can sometimes be scary or intimidating or create a host of other emotions. With virtual coaching, the coach is not employed by the school system and can come in as an independent or more neutral party, offering someone with whom to share things the teacher may not feel comfortable sharing with a school or district employee.. In more extreme cases, these relationships can even act as lifelines for teachers who may feel the stress of a less-than-optimal school culture.

On Budget: Affordability

The advantages of working with an online trainer, as with any trainer, is that you have the flexibility to choose the type of support that you want, the frequency of the support that you receive, and the duration of the partnership. Online trainers can typically be easier on your pockets, as they do not have to be associated with a public or private gym, you are not doing a face to face meeting, and there are no travel costs for either party. And, you can train on a schedule that works for you, and make adjustments when you need to.

On-Going Conversations: Accessibility And Sensibility

Clear, effective, and honest communication is just as important as cost in the absence of face to face interactions. A good online relationship just will not work without it. You and your online trainer will rely on effective communication via phone, e-mail, Skype, blogs or other social networking sites. Minimally, a coach should have a fully functioning, up to date website with frequently asked questions, blogs, and nutrition and training information to ensure your success. Look for your trainer’s ‘online footprint’ in blogs, relevant message boards, and social networking sites such as Facebook and, of course,

Many of your questions about the trainer’s protocols, methodology, customer service, responsive, may be answered. You will also get a sense of your trainer’s personality and sensibility. How do they communicate and relay information. Personal preference will indicate whether you will respond to ‘the straight shooter’ or the ‘nurturer’? An online presence via a personal website and/or social networking site, gives one insight into how an online trainer trains others, treats their clients and potential clients, and their philosophies. Additionally, you are able to see, in real time, how responsive the coach is.

Choose Your Tutor

Compare tutor costs. With a range of price options, there’s a tutor for every budget.

No Upfront Fees

Sign up, search, and message with expert tutors free of charge.

No Costly Packages

Only pay for the time you need. Whether it’s one lesson or seven, you decide what to spend.

Pay After Your Lesson

Get the help you need first. You’ll only be charged after your lesson is complete.

We offer individual online sessions as well as online package options, meaning you can book one, five, or ten lessons at a time. It’s completely up to you! All payments are processed quickly and securely through our site, meaning you can feel safe about where your money is going.

Connect instantly from anywhere

Use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to meet with your math tutor when you need to.

Learn From The O.G.'s

Our O.G.’s are coaches, mentors, consultants, trainers, teachers, and industry professionals, who are all passionate about their areas of expertise and eager to help homies learn. O.G.’s using HomieSapien are professional subject experts who set their own price based on their demand and skill.

The effectiveness of online tutoring comes down to having a real one on one relationship with your instructor as well as collaboration tools such as video chat, screen sharing capabilities, and even a shared whiteboard. Additionally, online tutoring can be more flexible and allows you to choose from a larger set of experts to find the best online tutor for your personal needs and learning styles.

When you find an online tutor you like, you can message them directly and instantly on our online tutoring platform before you book. Want to know more about our tutors certifications, availability, or have a special request? Our online tutors receive instant notifications and have great response rates.


Our Best O.G.’s Are Certified

Our highest rated O.G.’s, at your service.

Certified O.G.’s are O.G.’s who consistently provide the highest level of service and professionalism.

Questions To Consider

Before You Hire An O.G.

An online O.G. can provide much needed structure, guidance, and even a new perspective with some added benefits. So, how do you choose and get the most out of training with an online O.G. or coach? First, begin with a critical self-assessment to determine if this ‘hands-off’ approach is going to work for you:

  • How much do I want to spend?
  • What services do I need?
  • Am I self-motivated?
  • Will I comply with a set plan without ‘supervision’?
  • Am I able to, clearly, articulate my needs?
  • Do I respond well to constructive feedback?
  • How often do I need to be in contact with my online trainer?
  • Would I prefer to work with a coach of a particular gender?


Want to know more?

Visit our Help & FAQs to learn more about how HomieSapien works.

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